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 Working in so many client homes, I have had a first-hand view of the large quantity of items that so many of us have in our homes that do not get used. The pre-holiday season is a great time to consider doing some editing.

 Excess Christmas Decor

The holidays often call for decorating your home but, before you do that, take a tour of your house and sort through your Christmas decor items. Do you have décor items you no longer love and never put out?

Kids Toys

Toys areas can be a challenge pre- and post-holiday season. Take the time in advance to review items. It can be a great time to convince your kids to sort through their toy collection and donate those they don’t like to play with to make room for potential new items. They will often be happy to share with someone else who might benefit.

 Shop Your Pantry

 For the next month, shop from your pantry and use up items you have on hand. It’s a great way to save money on groceries and not waste food.

Kitchen Items

  • Storage containers that are stained, broken, or lidless
  • Mugs you don’t love
  • Duplicates of items
  • Cookbooks of cuisines that you don’t intend to try
  • Excess spices and condiments

Serving ware and dishes

This is a great time to review and edit this category and consider donating some of the items you never use to make space in your house.

Gifted Items

Take a peek at those items we don’t like but keep because someone gave them with love. Is it time to let them go and allow them to benefit someone else?

Make-up and Skincare

Keep products that you love using. If you haven’t used a beauty product in the last six months, it’s a clear sign that you might be able to let it go.

Medicine Cabinet

Cold and flu season is upon us. This is a great time to edit what is in your cabinets. If your medicine cabinet is full of things that you haven’t used in a while, maybe it’s time to do a quick sort. Keep the items that will be needed.

Lastly, be intentional with gift-giving and shopping this season. It is easy to get caught up in sales, flashy and sparkly items. Consider giving experiences or the gift of time to a loved one.

Happy Holidays from Hello Darlene.