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Organized and decluttered living room

Organizing & Decluttering

Professional Organizing 

Home & Office: In-Person or Virtual

Hello Darlene organizes and declutters your spaces to provide a calmer & more efficient environment.

Life can be busy and keeping a home in order can be challenging at times. Strategic organization makes day-to-day life easier, reduces stress, and helps to save time and money. 

We understand different clients have different needs. We offer a personal consultation to assess your situation and customize solutions that are uniquely yours with systems that can be maintained.

  • Maximizes storage spaces 
  • Declutters rooms/spaces
  • Determines an organizing system that will work with your lifestyle and habits
  • Sorts items to determine: keep, sell, donate categories
  • Restructures personal or office filing systems
  • Determines paper management strategies and systems
  • Establishes photo management storage solutions
Organized shelf in a home.

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Home & Office: In-Person or Virtual

Do you set things aside, intending to sort them later…and now the piles are overwhelming?  Are you feeling stuck and don’t know where to start?

Maybe you have a busy family, are recovering from a setback, or find yourself in transition. Life gets busy and you sometimes feel like you’re drowning. Have you been working from home and your work area has become cluttered with papers, files, and office supplies? 

Decluttering is therapy for both your home and mind. It reduces stress and can transform your living spaces.  

Sorting and letting go of items can be an emotional experience and that is why you can count on the organizers at Hello Darlene to be sensitive, non-judgemental, and compassionate in all interactions.

We coach, support, and guide you to let go of items, develop new habits and learn skills that will empower you to simplify processes in your home to stay organized.

  • Recommend the best strategy to get the job done quickly
  • Work with a timeline that works well for your schedule 
  • Apply effective decluttering and organizational strategies
  • Sort, purge, organize, maximize space capacity
  • Source and recommend appropriate containers for storage
  • Clear the Estate contents of a loved one
  • Declutter paperwork, kids’ memories, and family memorabilia
  • Help with donations, recycling, or sale of items no longer needed

Declutter, organize, and simplify your home with Hello Darlene!

Woman sorting and decluttering

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Downsizing & Relocating

Whether you need to downsize your own space or help a loved one move into a new home, we can walk you through these transitions with ease.

Downsizing is a life-changing decision, and as with any other essential decision in life, start with a plan. By creating a plan, you simplify the downsizing process and prepare yourself and your family emotionally.

It can be difficult to let go of a household full of possessions and memories. We help to simplify the process. We can do the whole job or help when assistance is required.

Downsizing & Decluttering
  • Declutters, sorts, and organizes belongings
  • Options for earth-friendly disposal of unwanted goods
  • Personalized services to meet your needs
  • Facilitates smooth and stress-free transitions 
  • Acts as liaison with you and family members or service providers
  • Prepares items for consignment or sale
  • Assists with the sale of items
Move Planning & Coordination

Are you or a loved one feeling anxious about an upcoming move? Downsizing, decluttering, packing, and moving into a retirement living community can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve lived in your current space for decades.

Organizing is our superpower.  Reduce stress, save time and energy by getting unpacked and moved into your new home in a snap.

  • Provides move planning and coordination
  • Assists with the coordination of movers
  • Packing & preparation for a move
  • Helping with unpacking and organizing in your new home

Contact us for your complimentary consultation!

complimentary 30-minute consultation

Hello Darlene provides support and encouragement throughout the entire process.

Daschund coming out of a box with a 'Home' sign on the wall.

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Hello Darlene offers support and encouragement in a caring, compassionate and respectful way, in-person or virtually.
All our services are customized to your needs and can be purchased individually, in packages, and as gift certificates.

Legacy Planning

In-Person or Virtual
Legacy Plan Consulting is for anyone at any age. Your Estate could represent one of the largest financial transactions of your life.

A high percentage of Canadians do not have critical documents or a plan in place in case of an emergency. There can be serious consequences as a result. 

With advance planning and document organization, your family, Power of Attorney, and Executors will be able to execute your wishes efficiently and without stress.

Compiling everything that your Power of Attorney or Executor needs can be an overwhelming experience. We are organizational experts who help to coordinate all of your important documents in one convenient, catalogued location: the Legacy Plan Organizer.

During the consultation, we help to guide you with the following:

  • A comprehensive consultation, discussing over 15 categories
  • A confidential review and discussion of individual circumstances and concerns
  • Discovery and review of existing Estate Planning documents for potential updates
  • Organization of documents using the Legacy Plan Organizer
  • Documenting final wishes and direction for family members through the family meeting planner and discussion tips
  • Additional resource tools provided to support your Legacy Plan
  • Completed Legacy Plan Organizer binder as your final product

Our services are suitable for Powers of Attorney who wish to have guidance while facilitating care or individuals who are wanting to plan in advance, to provide peace of mind to loved ones.

Don't know where to start? Schedule a complimentary consultation!

complimentary 30-minute consultation

It’s all about the conversation and at Hello Darlene we have ‘great conversations’ about your Legacy Planning.

Darlene Tripp reviewing a Legacy Plan Organizer Binder

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Legacy Organizer 

The Legacy Plan Organizer is a practical guide developed through Darlene’s many life and work experiences. The Organizer is easy to use, flexible to change to your individual circumstances, and easily adaptable to future changes. 

We have created the workbook so you or someone else can step in and manage a person’s life in case of an emergency, health event, or death. In these situations, it is exceptionally difficult to operate with a lack of information, and it adds an extra burden to you and your loved ones.

None of us know when we will need this information, but life throws curveballs our way that we don’t expect. That’s why it’s critically important to be organized and prepared for the unexpected.

Purchase your Legacy Plan Organizer Binder!

Hello Darlene Legacy Plan Binder

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Darlene represents Northern Ontario as a Member of Eldercare Planning. Our members are experts in senior living navigation and placement, and also assist families with downsizing, estate planning, eldercare planning, transitions, home safety, and much more.

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Darlene is a registered member of the Professional Organizers of Canada. As a Trained Professional Organizer, I abide by the POC code of ethics. 

Click to read the POC Code of Ethics.

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Darlene is a Senior Home Safety Specialist. This certificate empowers professionals with actionable ways to better help educate clients, older adults and their family members on the serious issues of home safety, fall prevention, financial exploitation and personal safety.

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