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The Hello Darlene Bingo Card has some quick 15-minute declutter tasks that will make a difference in your home! Do a few or all of them, whatever you can manage!

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As a Home Safety Specialist with Age Safe Canada, these are some commonly found steps that you can take to age at home safely.

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The Hello Darlene Downsizing Checklist lets you tick off a step-by-step list to get it done as efficiently as possible.


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Eldercare Planners of Canada are your Canadian Senior Living Experts. Hello Darlene is a proud member representing and servicing Northern Ontario. We specialize in caregiver support, senior living, and navigating the complexities of aging. Virtual or in-person, we have you covered coast to coast.

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Darlene Tripp explains the Eldercare Planning services Hello Darlene offers.

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Helping Ontarians learn about Advance Care Planning (ACP).

  • ACP is conversations to help people and their substitute-decision-maker (SDM) prepare for future healthcare decisions. 
  • It also contains information about Ontario law and substitute decision-making. 
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Whether you’re concerned for yourself or someone you care about, it’s important to know the warning signs of dementia so you can ensure an early diagnosis.

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Caregivers are increasingly in need of support; it is crucial to shed light on their needs and the needs of the patients they look after. 

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Your resource for programs and services available to Ontario’s seniors that can help them stay safe, healthy, active and engaged. It helps seniors, their caregivers and the organizations that support them.

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Professional Organizers in Canada is the national association that represents professional organizers across the country. We provide a supportive environment for our members to share ideas, network and exchange referrals.

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Watch this Speak Organized video where Darlene Tripp of Hello Darlene (based out of Ontario, Canada) is the guest speaker. She specializes in life transitions, downsizing for seniors, as well as Legacy Planning — which is super important for us to consider.

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Find how to protect your interests and multiple resources for relocation and retirement communities.

Legacy Organizer 

Organize and safeguard your essential information and documents with our Legacy Organizer for emergency situations.

Streamline the process with our user-friendly binder system that covers 15+ categories. The Legacy Organizer not only simplifies your daily life but also ensures your readiness during medical emergencies. Let us assist you in getting started!

Purchase your Legacy Plan Organizer Binder!

Hello Darlene Legacy Plan Binder

Hello Darlene offers support and encouragement in a caring, compassionate and respectful way, in-person or virtually.
All our services are customized to your needs and can be purchased individually, in packages, and as gift certificates.

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Darlene represents Northern Ontario as a Member of Eldercare Planning. Our members are experts in senior living navigation and placement, and also assist families with downsizing, estate planning, eldercare planning, transitions, home safety, and much more.

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Darlene is a registered member of the Professional Organizers of Canada. As a Trained Professional Organizer, I abide by the POC code of ethics. 

Click to read the POC Code of Ethics.

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Darlene is a Senior Home Safety Specialist. This certificate empowers professionals with actionable ways to better help educate clients, older adults and their family members on the serious issues of home safety, fall prevention, financial exploitation and personal safety.

We’re here to help

Professional Organizing

Hello Darlene organizes and declutters your spaces to provide a calmer & more efficient environment.

Life can be busy and keeping a home in order can be challenging at times. Strategic organization makes day-to-day life easier, reduces stress, and helps to save time and money. 

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Do you set things aside, intending to sort them later…and now the piles are overwhelming?  Are you feeling stuck and don’t know where to start?

Maybe you have a busy family, are recovering from a setback, or find yourself in transition. Life gets busy and you sometimes feel like you’re drowning. Have you been working from home and your work area has become cluttered with papers, files, and office supplies?

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Downsizing & Relocating

As we age, we often need to make changes in order to live independently and safely for longer in the place we love and call home. A recent change in h

Downsizing is a life-changing decision, and as with any other essential decision in life, start with a plan. By creating a plan, you simplify the downsizing process and prepare yourself and your family emotionally.

It can be difficult to let go of a household full of possessions and memories. We help to simplify the process.

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Legacy Planning

A high percentage of Canadians do not have critical documents or a plan in place in case of an emergency. There can be serious consequences as a result. 

With advance planning and document organization, your family, Power of Attorney, and Executors will be able to execute your wishes efficiently and without stress.

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Legacy Organizer

The Legacy Plan Organizer is a practical guide developed through Darlene’s many life and work experiences. The Organizer is easy to use, flexible to change to your individual circumstances, and easily adaptable to future changes.

We have created the workbook so you or someone else can step in and manage a person’s life in case of an emergency, health event, or death.

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Aging in Place

Are you or a loved one among the large number of Canadians who want to age at home safely, and for longer, in the place you love?

At Hello Darlene, we help you make this happen with guidance and support. We create a personalized roadmap of services specific to your needs to be able to age at home independently and to help support families during life transitions. We leave no stone unturned.

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Talks & Tea

Whether we are stopping by for a chat to ensure you are safe and well, or engaging in meaningful activities to create positive and enjoyable experiences, it is comforting to know that a friendly, professional companion can simply spend time with you or check on a loved one.

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Retirement Living

Hello Darlene helps older adults and families select the perfect Retirement living home and develop roadmaps to provide peace of mind for their potential relocation or transition to a retirement home or long-term care home.

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Speaking Engagements

Darlene has a passion for sharing knowledge with others.  As an experienced speaker within her community and virtually on a wide variety of topics. Sharing her enthusiasm for all things Legacy Planning, Life Transitions, and Home Organization.  

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