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If you could not speak for yourself, who would speak on your behalf?

Who would make healthcare decisions for you if you could not do so yourself?

Advance Care Planning Canada is an amazing online resource that includes free downloadable and printable documents to start the process of considering and expressing your Health Care Wishes.


Speak Up Program

Interactive workbooks are available with the information and guidance to work through the steps of creating your individualized plan.

The 5 Step Plan is easy to follow: Think, Learn, Decide, Talk, Record

I have been chatting with clients about Advance Care Planning for 2 years now and have learned that most times it is not something that many of us have thought about. It can also be a difficult conversation to have not only with yourself but also with others. It requires some thoughtful reflection and consideration of personal values and wishes. Normalizing this type of conversation and having good communication with family members who may need to care for you in the future is so critical.

One of my favorite products/downloads they have is a wallet card where you can record your substitute decision-maker.

Now let’s be honest, completing a plan is not an easy task. It can be a heavy topic to consider and discuss with others. For this reason, depending on your individual situation, you may find it beneficial to discuss this with your Health Care Provider.

I challenge you to make this the month that you have engaging conversations with friends and family members! Take action, and be prepared for any emergency.

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