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What is an Eldercare Planner?

Primarily these services are assisting someone with the decision-making process prior to the move, but also assisting with the management of the move, if required.

A few of the reasons why this can be a valuable service are discussed below:

  1. Depending on the community you live in, it could be hard to narrow down options. In larger communities, there could be over 50 community choices.
  2. Family may not live locally and may not be able to assist someone with this transition as they live too far away to help with the hands-on support required.
  3. The options can be overwhelming and endless. We help break your needs down to make the decision process simpler.
  4. Family members disagree about the next steps for a parent to stay at home or relocate.
  5. The loss of a spouse, or partner.
  6. Individuals feeling overwhelmed with the process of unraveling years of living in one home and relocating on their own.

A few ways an Eldercare Planner can help:

  1. Breaking down the options and determining what is in the best interests of the person moving.
  2. Facilitating the conversation between family members and the individual moving.
  3. Valuable resource and support through adult children to support their loved ones.
  4. Support the individual moving in whatever capacity they might need – from the decision to move, to packing and unpacking, if required.

An Eldercare Planner is not influenced by family dynamics and can provide a fresh set of eyes on any scenario.


To find out more about how Hello Darlene can help with Eldercare Planning, click here.