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Senior Transition Advisor/Consultant, Eldercare Planner, Retirement Home Advisor, plus more terms are all becoming more and more common as the Age Wave continues to grow and new businesses develop. These consulting services are integral to supporting families; especially those living apart from their aging loved ones. But what does it all mean?

You may think that solutions are obvious and simple as our boomers age but it seems to be the complete opposite when it comes to our aging demographic and their families. The solutions and processes tend to be complex to navigate and sometimes expensive; especially without a plan.

Eldercare Planners or advisors can assist with helping you to strategize, navigate, communicate, advocate, or help facilitate with family to help resolve potential challenges, transitions, medical emergencies, relocation, aging at-home support, or homecare services. Phew that was a lot – and that is exactly how families feel!

Meeting with all the parties and identifying priorities and needs is usually the first step. Educating people about private and public care assistance; and discussing budgets, finances, and support systems, are all part of the conversation.

Relocation and retirement communities are great examples of transitions that might need support. There are many options, thus assessing your needs, preferences, and priorities can be a daunting task to narrow it down. In our local community, we have more limited retirement home options, but in larger communities such as Toronto, the options can be overwhelming to filter through. This is just one example of a topic that most Eldercare Planners can assist individuals with to reduce stress, simplify the process, and save time.

Most are strategically partnered with various local services that might be beneficial, such as lawyers, financial planners, realtors, community care, nursing, foot care, property maintenance, retirement homes, funeral homes, and more.

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