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Most of us know there will come a day when we need to downsize, whether out of necessity or to lessen the burden on our loved ones.

Downsizing is often called ‘right-sizing’ which has a less negative connotation and helps to develop the right -mindset. Once we have taken the first step, each one thereafter can and often does become just that little bit easier.

Right-sizing and decluttering can often be both emotionally and physically draining.

Here are a few tips to help make the transition easier:

  • Start early. Because the process always takes longer than you anticipate, you need to allow plenty of time to get through all you have set out for yourself. After all, most of our possessions have emotional connections which we may have to learn to manage.
  • Clear a space in one room where you will place all the items you plan to give to your loved ones and sort what will be placed there. If you always planned to give the silver set to your first granddaughter, start her pile and continue from there. Those are the easiest decisions.
  • Set reasonable goals and be kind and gentle with yourself. It is important to remember, it took decades and generations to gather these items it takes time to decide how best to accomplish your goal of letting go of items you love.
  • Enjoy the process! Sorting through items you haven’t laid eyes on for years can be a very rewarding way to say goodbye.
  • Work in small amounts of time when decluttering and take breaks in between
  • Make tough decisions so that you will not have to repeat this process again. Really consider the amount of space that you are relocating to vs the space that you are currently in
  • Consider asking for help – whether it be from family members, close friends

It is never too early to start!

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