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A professional organizer is someone who has special skills, knowledge and tools to turn any home from cluttered to efficient space. Aside from being organized, their focus is to help keep you on track and simplify the process. They receive specialized training, ongoing education and peer mentoring to be experts. They typically belong to an organization that has a Code of Conduct to follow.  Usually, they have a niche or area of expertise and will have certifications in those areas of specialty.

The psychology of clutter is a real thing and they help provide perspective, experience and training to guide you through what can be an overwhelming emotional process.

In particular with the downsizing process, many individuals call an organizer when they have reached their breaking point and they can no longer physically or mentally go through the process independently. Often, they feel paralyzed, stuck and at an impasse. It is so important to reach out for support if this is how you feel.

Going through personal possessions and downsizing can take us down memory lane which can be very distracting and easily get us off track. An organizer who isn’t emotionally attached to your items will make this process much simpler. Also, having an entire team behind you will help you accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

A professional organizer will also be more focused on helping you to determine systems that you will be able to maintain after they have stopped being part of your team. They will also consider ergonomically friendly ways to set up a kitchen for easy access to items as you age along with systems that you can maintain.

Their purpose is to help clients identify items they no longer need and how to best organize and create systems that can be maintained more easily going forward, rather than ‘cleaning spaces’ which is quite different.

This service is not a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’. It is important to find someone who you connect with, you can trust, and who has expertise in the challenges you are trying to overcome.

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