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You are working full-time and likely have some children still living at home. You are actively involved in your career, your community, raising your family, and your aging parents. Many of you in this category also find yourself sandwiched ‘in the middle’ of your own life and your parent’s life and can find it potentially stressful. If so, you are the Sandwich Generation.

Your parents may be going through some major life changes and at the same time, you might also be going through similar life and family changes. All of this can present many challenges. Illness, downsizing, and move/relocation are all examples.

Many caregivers spend, on average, over 10 to 15 hours a week attending to some form of caregiving duties. Many caregivers also have to spend time traveling to a location to care for others. Also, many children of older adults do not live in the same community which presents a whole new set of challenges.

Navigating resources for older adults and helping them with anything they may need support with can be a daunting journey. ‘The ‘sandwich generation’ is burning the candle at both ends, managing the stress of navigating the health care system with the changing needs of an aging parent, while keeping an eye on their own children, according to the Kensington Health Foundation.

A recent Angus Reid Study determined that 1 in 10 Canadians expects to provide care for someone in the next five years, with 15% expecting their caregiving role to start within five to 10 years, pointing to an increase in Canadian caregivers and those needing care in the next decade. The age wave in action.

The study also found that 47% of those currently providing care say they’re making real sacrifices to balance caregiving needs and daily activities.

Planning effective strategies to utilize resources that can be of assistance to simplify the process can make the journey so much less stressful.

Organize a support system, enlist an Eldercare Planner, and take a deep breath!