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Christmas calls for a lot of preparation to decorate your home and ready it up for the festivities. Some top decluttering categories to consider:

Excess Christmas Decor

Take a tour of your house and sort through all of your Christmas decor items. Do you have décor items that you don’t love? 

Kids Toys

Toys are one of the most problematic areas that need to be dealt with tenderly because there are kids involved. Christmas is the best time to convince your kids to sort through their toy collection and get rid of those that they don’t like to play with to make room for what they may be receiving. They will often be happy to donate to someone else who might be in need.


First, shop your pantry for the next month and use up what is in stock in your kitchen. Get rid of food items that smell odd or are expired. For items that are yet to expire but you don’t intend to consume in the near future, consider dropping them off at a Christmas food donation drive.  

Kitchen Items

  • Storage containers that are stained, broken, or lidless 
  • Mugs you don’t love 
  • Duplicates like measuring spoons 
  • Cookbooks of cuisines that you don’t intend to try 
  • Excess spices and condiments 

Serving ware and dishes

Often we don’t use serving ware frequently so consider donating some of these unused dishes and serve-ware to make space in your house to store other important things. 

Gifted Items

We all receive gifts that we don’t like but keep because someone gave them with love. Consider if it is time to regift or donate some of these items and allow them to benefit someone else. 

Make-up and Skincare

Make sure that you only have products that you love using. If you haven’t used a beauty product in the last 6 months, it’s a clear sign that you can do without it. 

Medicine Cabinet

If your medicine cabinet is full of strips and syrups that you haven’t used in a while, maybe it’s time to do a quick sort.  Start by emptying out the entire stock of medicines in one place and trash the ones that are expired. Now take note of the medicines that you or your family need every now and then and place them back into the cabinet. 

Happy Holidays from Hello Darlene!

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