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One day this year I decided to become an entrepreneur!

It all starts with an idea that blooms and flourishes the more you think about it. Pages and pages of notes and thoughts about what you want the future to look like in this new world of being my own boss. Okay, I am a creative person, so I admit that an inspiration board was part of the planning. One that sat in front of me visually as all my ideas and thoughts came to life. So being a professional organizer was part one, but what was going to be part two, it just did not feel complete to me?

Already in the process of being a caregiver, I knew that I wanted my new adventure to include seniors. Once you are in that system, and you find your way in the waves of emotions and difficult roads to navigate, you have a different perspective on the world of seniors. It is not ideal! Don’t get me wrong, the health care professionals are all amazing, the agencies are all wonderful, but there’s just not enough help and, guidance to go around. So families are left wandering around these challenging roads on their own trying to navigate multiple agencies, Doctors, caregivers, information, resources, powers of attorney and, other documents. Phone calls after phone calls, a daily journey of balancing emotions. Then add on balancing work- life and, children at home and, BINGO you have entered the caregiver world!

I watched my Mom be a caregiver to my grandparents many years ago. She was wonderful, thoughtful, caring, kind, invested in their health and so I have had a great example of what it should look like already. She had a supportive family that came and provided respite, called to check in on her well-being and, did whatever they could from afar to assist in the ways she needed. Not all families have this kind of support network.

I began thinking about how I could integrate my years of work and volunteer experiences with vulnerable populations into my business. All the pieces were coming together. Would this work, this unique combination of services? Still wondering, I worked on developing a network of people, mainly women, who I chatted with, learned from and, made new connections with all during a pandemic. Lovely people from all over the province, local individuals and, found a virtual friend from another country. What I found was a community of supportive individuals with brilliant ideas all willing to share their knowledge and experiences and words of wisdom. Finally, I felt like I had the pieces I needed to move forward. It felt warm, fuzzy and, exciting.

And BAMM Hello Darlene was born!