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Suddenly retired after 34 years and enjoying the relaxed environment of being at home and a mundane day-to-day routine, I’m now making sure to appreciate all the little things in my life. The simplest of things are what brings me joy: the beautiful view I have from my living or bedroom window each day; sunsets, sunrises, glistening snow, and the lake beyond. Pieces of my life that I didn’t know I was missing, like time for regular walks, shared tea and, visits with friends and family. The simple things in life.

Is it weird that I find pleasure in cleaning and reorganizing my house?  Well I guess to some it might be but it is the essence of ‘nesting’ for women, isn’t it? I fondly recall being like this when I was pregnant with my girls, wanting the ‘nest’ to be just perfect for the new arrival.  

I have not had the privilege of having the time or energy to spend on maintaining my home in an organized and tidy way. Next to impossible with children and a busy life filled with the day-to-day routine of an active family.

BAM, a pandemic hits and, my calm, retired life is upside down!  Well, what does one do when all of a sudden your world has shifted again? In my case, become a Professional Organizer and take the necessary courses.  What perfect timing, as there was nothing else to do! What a blessing this was in disguise, my natural talents and gifts all rolled into one career. I’m pretty sure I have found the direction of my second act. 

Next thing you know I am organizing everything, like I mean everything, in our house. One cupboard, one drawer, one space at a time, until I moved my way throughout most of the house decluttering and fine-tuning our systems. Am I done? Of course not, always something to tweak, but WOW, what a difference a year makes.

Not only have I found a way to share my natural gifts but I found a network of lovely women through networking. Intelligent, interesting women with an abundance of experiences and history to share with me and others. A giving group, kind and caring. Respect and appreciation are the two first impressions that come to mind from all of these interactions.  

I’m excited about my second act, the new people I will meet, the new adventures that will unfold and, the freedom that being my own boss will provide.