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This is my blog. I write about Hello Darlene as well as my own personal thoughts.

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Home Office Organizing Magic

When I got the call to help a client with relocating from a brick and mortar to a home location office I was so excited! My very first home organization project was going to help someone that was being directly impacted as a result of COVID. My new small business...

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Is it a Legacy Plan or a Love Letter?

Since I have started my Legacy Plan Document organizing with clients I have noticed that after our consultations my beautiful Legacy Binder sits on their table or desk for weeks, sometimes months before taking action. Most of my clients are left with some homework to...

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The Caregiving Journey

The caregiving journey is a winding road, with many bumps along the way and lots of turns and stops. It’s not a simple journey – not much guidance from others. It is more like wandering into a forest not knowing what direction to turn along the way. As you wander in the forest you will see the beautiful trees, the lovely butterflies fluttering around and the birds chirping, but sometimes you cannot see or hear the beauty and the path seems overwhelming and impossible.

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From Chaos to Calm

Before the pandemic, early in the year 2020, I made the brave decision to declutter and renovate a home office area that was a space that had been neglected. It was quite an endeavour. This room is the room we have just stuffed all the crap that has no home since we...

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Hello Darlene was born

Already in the process of being a caregiver, I knew that I wanted my new adventure to include seniors. Once you are in that system, and you find your way in the waves of emotions and difficult roads to navigate, you have a different perspective on the world of seniors.

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